February 3, 2014

I Just Did...

What do you think about my twins, are they not beautiful?

While at the beauty salon having my hair cut, I noticed the hair on some of the busts (used by students to learn their cutting skills) was quite short. My first thought was how expensive it must be to have to keep buying new wigs for teaching purposes. So... I had to ask just how expensive it was. Come to find out, the heads are made of rubber. When the hair gets too short to work on, the heads get tossed. My second thought was "I want one". I didn't know why I wanted one--I just did.

I could probably use one (or two) for many reasons.

1. Owing to more people buying homes in our neck of the woods, the deer are liking our veggies more every year. Fencing what we can, scattering hair, soap, and spraying helps. Oh my why not dress up my garden with twins in lieu of a scarecrow?

2. As a passenger in our car?

3. I am about to sew my first bucket hat. Perfect for trying out proper size!

4. Seated somewhere in our home (I love it)?