September 23, 2013

So Much Fun!

We took a ride in the tractor down our hedgerow to pick some apples. I picked dozens of really small apples and spent the day peeling apples and making some okay applesauce. Off we went to pick more apples from our neighbor's tree, made more applesauce and baked a five pound apple pie. YUMMY!

A basket of apples from our Tim Horton's Apple Man Buddy--these we ate!

Not a Complete Disaster...

Eight pepper plants yielded just four jalapeno and 2 green bell peppers. Out of six tomato plants we picked just two red tomatoes. Around three dozen beautiful green tomatoes, which I brown bagged to ripen (they spoiled before they ripened--frost damage). Saved by our Tim Horton garden buddy...dropped off three dozen beautiful large bell peppers, weighing a whopping 13 pounds in all. I made two dozen stuffed green peppers and froze the rest. Also, a dozen zucchinis from one plant and our corn was wonderful. We froze four dozen ears of corn and shared another four dozen. And, we ate lots and lots ourselves. We only had enough butternut squash for ourselves and a few for sharing with others.