September 17, 2010

Do I Not Have The Best Little Brother!

I got a call this evening from my brother--my computer is dead, but that he could still get at my files. He is copying my whole drive over to another drive, but first he is copying just my most important folders over to ensure I don't lose my work. Received a second call shortly after. He found a mother board or drive or something like that on Craig's List for $45 and would I be interested. OMG, yes! He is picking it up at 10 pm tonight.

Did I mention he has lots of old lady sisters? He doesn't know it yet, but sis #4 thinks her laptop is dead.

September 16, 2010

It's Just Me

I had made arrangements to drop my computer off at my brother's place of work--he would take it to his house to work on (my hard drive may have been damaged during last thunder storm). I thought I knew where he worked--NOT. Of course, I forgot my cell phone. Twelve miles back home. Finally got to drop the computer off two days later. Computer was fine--how did I know the bottom electrical socket was on a switch!

September 15, 2010

Working Outside

Weather here has been cool in the mornings, but lots of sun. Good weather to dig potatoes and clear flower beds. Lots more rocks were carted down to Rock Heaven. I have been taking video pictures and I think I know how to create a video in my blog now. My desktop computer is down for a bit owing to a lightening strike. Tomorrow it goes to the city for my little brother to repair. I sooooooo hope it didn't fry the insides or said pictures are no more.

September 13, 2010


Today I learned not to try copying and pasting my notes from Word into my blog.
Today I learned links don't work in Preview mode.
Today I learned how much I forgot.
Today I want to learn how to insert a video into my blog.

The weather is clearing and DH wants to do some outside work, so more later.

Oooops, a big thunder bang knocked out my desktop computer. That's why God made little brothers and laptops.

Not Enough Hours In A Day

I am thinking I must try putting down my thoughts—a little bit at a time. I am soooooo overwhelmed, what with the garden, renovating the old house from top to bottom, and clearing the area around the farm from junk cars, tractors and trash. Not to mention, I love the Internet, a new camera and learning how to put my thoughts into pictures for my Blog...