June 21, 2018

I was upset...to say the least!

One of my two holly bushes planted in 2009--BEFORE being run over by mower (picture taken in 2010 and was much larger now):

AFTER ran over by mower

Of course I had to Google to see if it would grow back-- two of the many responses after posting:

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5 
not many trees or shrubs die.. simply due to pruning .. no matter how the pruning is accomplished ... or how badly it was done ... and mostly that is because there is no impact on the established root mass ... this is why i call many of them ... 'run them over with the truck' type plants ... i simply never considered using a lawnmower ... lol .. i would also clean up all the rough cuts.. and just ignore it ... [if you can] ... and you might be surprised what it might look like by fall ... yes.. think in tree time.. rather than running out there every day.. and fixating on it ...

lovetogarden(z5a NY)
OMG! I think I'd kill him. I once had a guy do my lawn and one of the shrubs I just planted started to look really bad a few days after he left. On closer inspection I found that he cut the shrub off at ground level with the weedwhacker and just stuck it right back in the ground to hide the fact from me. Grrrrrr! I was so mad!

… calls from a couple of my many sibling’s and even a SYMPATHY card from one sister (I can hear her laughing).

…beginning to see the humor in it so I created a caution sign--which the mower’s dog demolished; I made a second one:



As for the bush growing back -  will be posting pictures every year for the next 10 years!

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Sharon Kofoed said...

Oh no!!!! How did the mower miss that?!?!? We have to just have plants on our porch, because the same thing would happen here. Love the sign...hope it helps! And good luck with the regrowing!