December 14, 2017

My Baby Bootie Disaster

It has been fourteen years since my one and only crochet project, a baby afghan (picture under category Needlework, My Stuff). OMG, I don't remember one tiny tiny bit of what I did, not even the size needle I used. I finally found the original pattern for the afghan and I actually used two needles. One was still attached to a square I had been practicing on.

I have been through over a half skein of yarn trying to crochet this bootie. I can not figure out where to insert my hook into the beginning stitch of each row and have probably one hundred or more booties like the one below---aaagh! Because I never start each row in the same place', I wind up adding or deleting all kinds of stitches. I am actually starting to carry my project with me where ever I go, looking for someone who does crocheting.

The following video couldn't be more clearer, but I am still not getting it!

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