January 10, 2012

Our LaPotta Chair

It's been so long since my last post I wasn't even sure what my sign in name was. Thankfully, it came up automatically. My DH had to have his kidney removed December 2011--he had a tumor and there was a 90% chance it was cancer. He decided he had to go straight ahead and was prepared for whatever. Since we have no bathroom downstairs, it was my desire to get in touch with the Lions Club for a thunder mug. Nope! The old guy didn't want a used one (nor to purchase a new one). "wouldn't need it, he could stay upstairs and convalesce if need be".

Now, to make a short story long--there is more. In an earlier post I think I wrote about my garage sale chairs, both before and after. Didn't I find another of the exact same chairs in November. I had the seat ready to reupholster to match the other four chairs, but decided it would make a great diy temporary LaPotta chair. You know who said he would never sit on it, but had to be involved in it's creation.

It turned out the tumor was benign, he was only in the hospital four days. Doesn't have to go for a check up for one year, with no further treatments. And, was up and down stairs same day he came home. He says maybe we should keep the LaPotta and rent it out--that's not going to happen (lol). Thank you God and Dr. Rashid!

This makes for a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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