March 5, 2010

The Tree That Keeps on Giving...Update!

Our hugh Catalpa tree was downed several years ago in a wind storm. My DH decided to saw it into pieces, ready for the wood pile. I put on such a face (I needed to grow a garden in it), he put the chunks back in place.

Soon thereafter, a thing that looked like a stick started to grow out of the top of the downed tree. I wanted him to cut off the stick--he PUT on a face. The stick grew into a tree, blossoms every year and grows seed pods (link to pictures in my Webshots album, top right corner of my blog).

In August 2008, I started two Catalpa trees with some of the seeds from the new tree I decided to winter my two baby trees in the furnace room this year. In checking them out, recently, I noticed dirt around the base of the containers. OMG! One tree was pulled out from it's container--not a trace of it was to be found.

What's left of the bark on the remaining tree:

A new sprout appearing:

Does this mean I still have a tree?

This year I will start seeds from previous year's pods along with this year's pods. I am determined I can grow a Catalpa tree from seed!

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