July 11, 2009

Pictures Speak Louder than Words

This dog acts like I am Hannibal Lecter. I don't dislike her, but she DOES look like a hairless Guinea pig with brown splotches and bangs.

I babysat her for several days during a two week period, sat with her, walked her, and let her out of her cage each day, but she would not eat one bit of food or any of her favorite doggie treats I offered her. I have decided the dog is just plain rude (lol).


rainstick said...

she has more fur than the last I saw her... which isn't saying a lot.

lucienalta said...

OK, things have gone from bad to bad-er. Babysat the brat, Izzy, for 10 days again--part time. She had another sitter who stayed at the house and got the brat into her cage before going to work (so she couldn't hide under the bed where I can't get her). My only job was to take her out around noon to do her thing. Not once would she pee or poop outside. She stood in the snow on three legs until I would get cold and take her in. She hardly knows the other sitter and he had no problems feeding her, taking her out, or staying with her. Oh yeah, she was out once and got under the bed when she heard me open the front door. I put some food in her dish and she never touched it. She went upstairs to the cat's dish and ate all their food.